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Our dogs spend about 90% of their time in the home, with the majority of that time spent resting, so it’s important that the bed is up to the task. All of our beds and mats have a real wool topper and a memory foam mattress.


Wool Fleece


Wool fleece is widely used in the medical industry for the prevention of bedsores. It has excellent thermal properties, allowing the body to feel warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Wool quickly wicks moisture away from the body. It is considered to be hypo-allergic. The toppers can be machine washed at 30 degrees.


Memory foam


Memory foam moulds to a warm body, supporting it to avoid pressure points and provides a high degree of comfort. After extensive testing we found using only memory foam, the dog eventually sinks to the floor - precisely the effect you are trying to prevent. We developed our own mattress, which has eliminated this tendency by laminating the memory foam to a high-density foam base, something done in good quality human mattresses.  


All dogs deserve a comfortable bed but for some it will be even more important… 


It is estimated that 30-50% of dogs will be affected by arthritis at some point. Osteoarthritis is the form most often diagnosed in dogs: this is a painful and progressive inflammation of the joints. Arthritis is the most common cause of chronic pain in dogs. Arthritis in dogs is not always down to wear and tear and therefore although the prevalence does increase with age, it is also present in many young dogs. Some medium and large breeds are more predisposed to the disease and factors within our control, such as diet, weight management and exercise program should be considered from an early age. As the disease progresses, dogs tend to spend even more time in their beds, where they would benefit from adequate cushioning and support for the joints.


Arthritic dogs also need easy access to the bed and the ability to stretch out and get comfortable. Some arthritic dogs will prefer to stretch out on a mat whereas some will prefer support from the sides of a bed.


Arthritis cannot be cured so treatment options are aimed at managing the condition. With an early diagnosis, prompting early intervention, the arthritic process can be slowed. Recommended interventions include nutritional modification, weight management, altered exercise routines and home environment adaptations. If required, anti-inflammatory pain relief can be employed and possibly other veterinary intervention.


Our beds, with the deep orthopaedic mattress and easy access, are an ideal way to improve your dog’s comfort as part of your home environment adaptations.

Alison graduated from Cambridge University, in Veterinary medicine and surgery, in 1999. She initially worked in mixed practice before concentrating on domestic animals for the next 16 years. When Alison isn’t working as a vet, she is helping The Red Dog Company make the very best luxury dog beds and accessories available.



Alison Lambert MA VetMB MRCVS


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“I purchased the dog mat for my 13 year old poodle who has arthritis & stickiness especially in the mornings when he gets up. It is an amazing bed & have seen a change in him already. It supports him well & seems comfortable after a nights sleep. Quite expensive but well worth it as my dog seems happier & not as stiff. Thankyou Red Dog Company.”

Rebekah S
“…had a good chat with the guys on the stand about the veterinary input into their design. I had an 11 year old dog at the time, who was just starting to show the signs of ageing, and sure enough, 6 months later was diagnosed with nasty arthritis in the front leg. She had a nice bed but it was the type where she had to curl up and I felt it was bad for her joints. Despite being on permanent anti inflammatories, she was getting up in the mornings crippled. It’s only two days since the bed arrived but already we have noticed that she is a lot less lame in the mornings…”

“… The dog clearly finds it really comfy as he keeps slinking off upstairs during the day now. He certainly hasn’t woken up whimpering since we got it. He’s a 9 yr old Irish Terrier and we suspected his joints were getting a bit stiff through ageing. But he’s back to his old (younger) self now he’s getting a comfy night’s sleep…”

Andy C
“…Ted our elderly Labmaraner would enjoy and benefit from a large dog mat so l decided to order one as it may help him with his arthritis…Ted immediately moved out of his "comfy" wicker basket and took up residence never giving the basket a second look…”

Marc N
“… She is 10 years old and has problems with osteoarthritis. She immediately adopted her new beds. She appreciates them very much. And we've reclaimed part of our couch and bed. Thank you very much for that. It was definitely worth the price ;-) ”

Jane Y
“Luxury for the dog we have with arthritis”

Olivia P
“I bought 2 medium beds in grey and my dogs love them. Especially my little old girl who appreciates the structure of the bed, she doesn’t topple over when she stands up. They’re really great and I’m so pleased! ”

“Wilbur is clearly much more comfortable on the memory foam mat than his previous bed.”

Joanna J
“The mat is everything I wanted for my big black Lab - huge (plenty of room to stretch out and get comfy) and incredibly supportive (even I don’t sink through to the floor). It’s awesome and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend…”

Lisa F
“…The firm mattress gives her good support where her old mat was much thinner. I highly recommend this company, you'll be very pleased with your purchase as I was. :) ”

“Both my golden retrievers absolutely love their beds. I bought two large beds, and whilst they felt like quite an extravagance (the beds not the dogs) (although also the dogs!), were well worth the money, as they happily sleep in them. I was worried before that the older dog was sleeping on the floor, as they didn't seem to like their previous beds, and he was quite stiff in the mornings. Now he sleeps in his bed and is in much better shape…”

“Our black lab Hugo is about to turn 9 and has just undergone an operation due to a ruptured cruciate ligament. He also has some arthritis. We ordered the large bed and hoped it would provide him with a more comfortable space. HE LOVES IT!... ”.”

“As I unwrapped the dog bed I knew our dogs would love them - soft but supportive, with lovely sheepskin on the lying surface. The dog bed has fantastic support for our elderly lab who is very arthritic and also has breathing difficulties - it cushions his head and neck very well. The covering fabric is really good quality and the memory foam bed is nice and deep and very comfy.”

“The bed is beautiful - such good quality! Our dog was due to have an operation and we were keen to find a supportive bed for him post op that would support him well enough to avoid any unnecessary pain. He’s been so at home in it and recovering very well.”


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