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Whilst we strive to make the best dog products for you and your dog, we are also doing everything we can to ensure we tread as lightly as possible. 

This is why everything is manufactured in the United Kingdom, and always using locally sourced materials wherever possible.

Our luxurious BedsMats and Roll Mats are all made in Derbyshire, using cloth from mills in the Scottish Borders and Yorkshire. Wool is at the heart of what we make and one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable natural fibres available.

Our leather Collars are made in the Midlands, from the finest locally sourced bridle leather, and even the brass furniture is British.

Despite being cutting edge, our rope Slip Leads, Clip Leads and Jaeger Leads are all still handmade by a Master Rigger in Southampton and from rope manufactured nearby in Sussex.

Where we’ve chosen to move away from natural materials for performance reasons, we have worked hard to mitigate the consequences. For example, our proprietary orthopaedic memory foam mattress is made from foam poured in Derbyshire and constructed to our unique specification nearby.

Where possible our products are shipped from the factory directly to our customers to avoid unnecessary transport miles.

What’s more, when you receive a Red Dog Company product you can rest assured that everything is Built to Last and we stand by each and every one of them. In the unlikely event that there is a fault, which is not just normal wear and tear, we will of course repair or replace the item free of charge.

Accidents happen, so if one of our products needs a little TLC, we offer a full Repairs and Spares service so that you and your dog can continue to enjoy it for many more years to come.

Why Wool Matters - video

We have selected some relevant comments from our independently verified reviews:


To read all our reviews in full please go here.

Julia G
“Good service, prompt delivery, not over packaged with unnecessary plastic etc. We bought the bed mainly for our 17 ½ year-old lab cross, who settled in it the first evening, stretched out and looked so relaxed and comfortable. Very nicely made, and very supportive for the old girl. And made in UK Hurrah”

“Our dog loves her new bed. It looks great and she appears so content and relaxed in it. The quality of the bed is excellent and the customer service was outstanding. It is so lovely to be able to support a small independent UK business.”


“The service and follow up from the Red Dog Company is excellent, especially during the current Covid crisis. The dog bed is superbly made and shows that buying British ensures high quality workmanship - well worth it.”

Michelle S

“Quick despatch, recyclable packaging except for the plastic bag* to keep it clean inside the box, exactly as described.”

*We’ve done our best with the bags, they are:

  • Recyclable.

  • Biodegradable – an additive mixed into the polythene accelerates the degradation process and breaks down into naturally-benign products (CO2, water, minerals, biomass) in a period of between a few weeks to 24 months.

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