A traditional lead that clips onto the D ring on the dog’s collar. We’ve used top quality, traditionally cast, brass furniture.
All our Leads are made from a Technora blend rope manufactured by a British company with over 200 years of rope making heritage. Technora is a close relation to Kevlar, and is light weight, low stretch and abrasion resistant - in fact it was used to suspend the NASA Mars Rover from its parachute during descent.


We've tested the lead to 500kg which is the limit of our testing equipment!
Our Leads are handmade a stone's throw from Southampton Water, by a Master Rigger who's a veteran of Two America's Cups, and Whitbread Round the World Race; we’ve done everything we can to make these the best leads available.

The Clip Lead

  • Standard Length - Length approximately 125cm.


    Extra Long - Length approximately 175cm.

  • Leather - British bridle leather.

    Metalwork - Traditionally cast brass.

    8mm Rope - Jacket only (Core removed), 24 plait polyester / Technora blend.