All of our collars are made from English Bridle Leather chosen for its combination of strength, suppleness and good looks.


They are made by E Jefferies, world renowned Walsall saddlers, who have been producing a quality product since 1820.


Hand stitched where it matters most, with the ‘D’ ring area invisibly reinforced with webbing for added security. We use the best brass furniture and specify a stainless steel tongue for extra strength – we believe these are the best collars available.


Oak Bark leather is something special, and we believe it to be the best leather in the world.


It’s difficult to imagine a more traditional way of making leather; the hides are soaked in pits filled with oak bark and water for over a year.


The process creates supple, hardwearing leather that retains its natural grain - so each piece is unique.

To take good care of your leather collar, we recommend using Jeffries Natural Leathercare

Oak Bark Leather Dog Collar