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Hot dogs

Yogi enjoying a yak chew now the sun has gone down.

Persistence hunters in the Kalahari can track down quarry, such as antelope, until they overheat and collapse. Humans can do this, because we have sweat gland all over our body, and so can run and cool down simultaneously - also not having a fur coat helps.

Dogs only have sweat glands on their pads, and ear canals, so rely heavily on panting to cool down. During panting moisture on the tongue evaporates, and during heavy panting, this includes moisture from the lining of the lungs. Dogs cannot take scent and pant at the safe time, which is why hunting dogs, or any working with their noses, need to be rested frequently on hot days to remain effective.

Dogs feel the heat and can overheat quickly. Luckily, tell-tale heavy panting is pretty obvious, and lets us know it’s time to stop, and cool down.

Well before any of this happens a dog can lose motivation, so short training sessions in the early mornings and late evenings, are the most productive – followed by a cool swim.

Our bridle leather collars don’t mind this treatment as long as they get the odd application of leather dressing.

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