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Happy Second Birthday Yogi

Circumstances dictated that Yogi was pressed in to service very early, but he's taken it all in his stride. He's becoming adept at hunting, pointing and retrieving, become a pleasure to take stalking, and will even sit on a peg if watched very closely.

Providing he's well exercised he is also reasonably civilised in the house, as long as gloves, shoes, and remote controls, aren't left within his considerable reach.

Here he's giving you a sneak peak of our soon to be released Red Dog Lead; as you know, we don't mess about, and these are going to be the best available.

Handmade a stone's throw from Southampton Water, by a Master Rigger who's a veteran of Two America's Cups and Whitbread Round the World Race - there isn't a crimp in sight. Everything is beautifully spliced and whipped, and all furniture is traditional cast brass, so our leads are build to last.

Utilising a Technora blend, the leads are lightweight, low stretch, and abrasion resistant. A close relation to Kevlar, Technora was used to suspend the NASA Mars Rover from its parachute during descent - as I said, we're not messing about!

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